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That Children Long to Be After School 孩子向往的学习第二基地
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FOR 7-12 YEARS 7-12 岁的安亲补习专家
About company

Welcome to CLEVER

CLEVER Education has integrated 5 prominent educationists’ philosophies and theories to create a holistic education programme that is aligned with the 21st-century learning approach. It emphasises the development of children’s creative thinking, critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills.

Designed based on the global education trend and the national primary education blueprint, CleverlogyTM Project Based Learning curriculum promotes initiative and intrinsic learning through the process of research and investigation. Children also learn to express their ideas through presenting their findings from their research.

With the integration of technology in Clever Education through our online learning portal – ClevertownTM and learning tablet – ClevertabTM, we are able to provide more resources for our children to enhance their overall learning experience.

In Clever, we strive to cultivate enthusiastic, creative learners and critical thinkers from a holistic approach that does not only focus on academic intelligence but also their emotional intelligence and physical well-being.

The Clever Way Guiding Everything We Do

To foster 21st century skills for learners and teachers

培养学生和教师的 21 世纪教育学习的技能

Deliver the quality education, research and engagement with the globalisation


To foster an enthusiastic, creative community of learners prepared to continue their intellectual, emotional and physical development




Being Awarded PEEAM Innovative Education Award 2019
荣幸获颁PEEAM 2019年度创新卓越奖

秉持着赏识教育、趣味教学的理念,CLEVER 荣幸获得了两项教育部认可的私立教育奖项,其中包括了【十年卓越教育品牌】和【创意教育品牌】的荣誉奖项。

Being Awarded Best Franchise Tuition Centre

CLEVER 于9月7日-9日参展2018年度大型的教育展- Smart Kids Asia 。

Being Featured on Focus Malaysia
感谢著名杂志Focus Malaysia的邀请专访

荣幸获得大马知名财经商务杂志 FOCUS MALAYSIA 的专访。

Latest News


【恺乐家年华】2021 【恺乐家年华】又到啦! 今年的【恺乐家年华】准备了许多精彩活动势必要让孩子们玩得不亦乐乎! 今年【恺乐家年华】的活动内容包括: ⭐️运动大富翁用运动玩大富翁,你肯定没玩过吧?让我们一起成为运动大富翁吧!⭐️舞动大家庭扭一扭,让全家大小一起舞动起来!⭐️解谜探索乐孩子们会化身为太空旅人,探索外太空!可能会发现不可思议的东西哦!⭐️神秘大绘画手绘一向是孩子们最喜欢的活动之一,让孩子发挥想象,彩绘出神秘的世界~⭐️科学趣味学让孩子们都有机会成为小小科学家,探究科学世界的奥秘! 这次将会有”火魔法”的呈现哦 ~⭐️图片猜猜猜咦,那是什么图片? 是时候展现过人的观察力,大家一起放松放松欢乐猜猜猜! 【恺乐家年华】活动目的:【恺乐家年华】的主要活动目的是让孩子们能在这疫情期间仍然可以与CLEVER和朋友们一起欢度儿童节。 日期:06/11/2021...

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2021童年梦工厂假日营 【破案小玩家】

2021童年梦工厂假日营 【破案小玩家】 2021童年梦工厂假日营 【破案小玩家】席卷全城 7岁-12岁的孩子们!准备好一起破案了吗? 通过侦探查案主题,让孩子解析案情 剥开孩子们的脑筋思路 开启孩子们的逻辑推理 激发孩子们的洞察慧眼 课程内容包含:...

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2021 「小一入学班」正式招生!

2021 「小一入学班」正式招生! 2021年小一入学班开始招生啦! 在此通知,2021年「小一入学班」各分院现已开放招收2022年入学一年级的学生。 这项特别为6岁孩子预备学年一年级的课程将以轻松、游戏的方式教导孩子更多新学年相关的课程内容,为孩子们打好一年级的基础,让孩子能更轻松地应付新学年的课程。 教学科目: · 华文 · 国文...

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CLEVER is a Daycare and Tuition Expert for 7-12 years old aims to provide working parents with a peace of mind and enrich children every day’s learning outside of school hours through a series of creative activities, engaging lessons and hands on experiences.