CLEVER launched its very first centre in 2006 as the Daycare and Tuition Academy for 7-12 years old.

Fast forward 14 years to the present day, we’ve grown to a Daycare and Tuition Academy chain with over 45 centres in Malaysia and have successfully helped primary school aged children establish the foundation and essential skills for a smooth transition to secondary school and in better preparing them for the future.

At CLEVER, teaching with heart and compassion are at the heart of everyday we do and we believe having fun in learning is the greatest catalyst for lifelong learning. By making every day learning a joyful experience, we hope to nurture children’s true love for learning and with our specially designed programme for daily routine and fun learning, we help to develop their self-discipline habits, and empower them to become critical thinkers, creative thinkers and problem solvers.

CLEVER 恺乐教育 成立于2006年,为一家完善的小学补习安亲补习中心,专为7-12岁的华小生提供补习、家课、安亲服务与假日课程。

经历14年的经营,CLEVER 恺乐教育 通过连锁特许加盟模式,成功将CLEVER的安亲补习品牌扩充至全马超过45家分院的据点,从而让更多的大马华小生在小学转入中学的过程中,有更扎实的基础与技能。

CLEVER 恺乐教育以【良心教育、用心灌溉】作为办学宗旨,让孩子们通过快乐互动的学习模式,激发孩子热爱学习的兴趣、学习自律能力、逻辑推测能力及创意思维。


We aspire to become the top choice for day care & tuition programme among many Primary school aged students in year 2025.



We enrich children’s everyday learning experiences through CLEVER’s signature fun learning and praise approach.


The Clever Way Guiding Everything We Do

Our Philosophy

Education Is the Work Of HEART
At CLEVER, we believe that a good teacher must, in addition to having the mastery of content, pedagogy and methods, one must have a genuine love and a high level of patience for children, and the enthusiasm to inspire the little lives.
We Build A Strong Culture of Encouragement


We don’t just teach, we encourage. As an educator, our words and actions have the ability to lift children up or break them down. We build a culture of encouragement (through praise and tangible forms of encouragement) to offer support when children struggle and to remind that they have the power to learn and succeed.
Learning Is A Joyful Experience
Upholding our promise to make learning fun and an extraordinary experience, our teachers are capable of disrupting the monotony or difficulty of a lesson through our signature fun learning approach. We transform learning into an engaging experience to help children begin to see learning as more fun, to fuel their curiosity, and to enable them to see themselves as a capable and competent individual to learn more.

CLEVER is a Daycare and Tuition Expert for 7-12 years old aims to provide working parents with a peace of mind and enrich children every day’s learning outside of school hours through a series of creative activities, engaging lessons and hands on experiences.