CLEVER  established in 2006, provides the second learning base for children aged 7-12 to enrich their education journey outside of their formal education

Clever Education has integrated 5 prominent educationists’ philosophies and theories to create a holistic education programme that is aligned with the 21st century learning approach. It emphasises the development of children’s creative thinking, critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills. 

Designed based on the global education trend and the national primary education blueprint, CleverlogyTM Project Based Learning curriculum promotes initiative and intrinsic learning through the process of research and investigation. Children also learn to express their ideas through presenting their findings from their research. 

With the integration of technology in Clever Education through our online learning portal – ClevertownTM and learning tablet – ClevertabTM, we are able to provide more resources for our children to enhance their overall learning experience. 

In Clever, we strive to cultivate enthusiastic, creative learners and critical thinkers from a holistic approach that does not only focus on academic intelligence but also their emotional intelligence and physical well-being. 

成立于2006年,CLEVER 恺乐教育为7-12岁的孩子们打造孩子向往学习的第二基地,富裕孩子校前校后的学习旅程。采纳了5大学者的理念作为课程设计的核心,让孩子朝向21世纪的学习模式,发挥创意思维、批判能力、团队领导、演说沟通等各方面的发展,极力达至素质教育。



CLEVER 恺乐教育研发团队与全球化意识并进及研究探索,提供全面的素质教育,栽培无数充满热忱且有创造力的学者,进而激发他们的智商、情商和体能的发展。


To be the leading brand of a childcare centre in Malaysia.


To foster 21st-century skills for learners and teachers.
培养学生和教师的 21 世纪教育学习的技能。

Deliver quality education, research, and engagement with globalization.

To foster an enthusiastic, creative community of learners prepared to continue their intellectual, emotional, and physical development.

The Clever Way Guiding Everything We Do

Our Philosophy

Education Is the Work Of HEART


At CLEVER, we believe that a good teacher must, in addition to having the mastery of content, pedagogy and methods, one must have a genuine love and a high level of patience for children, and the enthusiasm to inspire the little lives.
We Build A Strong Culture of Encouragement


We don’t just teach, we encourage. As an educator, our words and actions have the ability to lift children up or break them down. We build a culture of encouragement (through praise and tangible forms of encouragement) to offer support when children struggle and to remind that they have the power to learn and succeed.
Learning Is A Joyful Experience
Upholding our promise to make learning fun and an extraordinary experience, our teachers are capable of disrupting the monotony or difficulty of a lesson through our signature fun learning approach. We transform learning into an engaging experience to help children begin to see learning as more fun, to fuel their curiosity, and to enable them to see themselves as a capable and competent individual to learn more.

CLEVER is a Daycare and Tuition Expert for 7-12 years old aims to provide working parents with a peace of mind and enrich children every day’s learning outside of school hours through a series of creative activities, engaging lessons and hands on experiences.