Being Awarded Best Franchise Tuition Centre

CLEVER 于9月7日-9日参展2018年度大型的教育展- Smart Kids Asia 。当天,除了让许多的小孩体验学习的乐趣外,也提供了父母许多的优惠礼券。

当天,CLEVER 荣幸在主讲台上获颁 【最佳连锁补习中心】 的荣誉奖项。


CLEVER 以孩子为本的教学理念再次受到了肯定及认同,我们将继续努力为教育付出,给孩子正确的人生观及学习方向。抛开填鸭式的教学,富裕孩子的学习生涯。

CLEVER is a Daycare and Tuition Expert for 7-12 years old aims to provide working parents with a peace of mind and enrich children every day’s learning outside of school hours through a series of creative activities, engaging lessons and hands on experiences.