Our Programmes 课程介绍

CLEVER infuses 5 prominent educationists’ philosophies and theories to create a holistic educational programme in order to align with the learning direction of the 21st century. We aim to develop the children’s creative thinking skills, critical ability, team leadership, and communication skills in order to achieve quality education.

CLEVER 恺乐教育为7-12岁的孩子们打造孩子向往学习的第二基地,富裕孩子校前校后的学习旅程。采纳了5大学者的理念作为课程设计的核心,让孩子朝向21世纪的学习模式,发挥创意思维、批判能力、团队领导、演说沟通等各方面的发展,极力达至素质教育。

  • Daycare & Homework System 安亲及功课系统
  • Disciplinary Learning 学科知识
  • Peer Tutoring Learning Based 同伴辅导学习
  • Critical Thinking Skill 批判性能力
  • Creative Thinking Skill 创意能力
  • Presentation Skill 演说能力
  • Humanistic Skill 人文素养

– Leadership 领导能力
– Teamwork 团队能力
– Communication Skill 沟通能力

CLEVERLOGY Kids Camp 儿童假日营

Since its inception in 2006, it has become an annual ritual in CLEVER to organise creative holiday camp every year. The camp themes change every year. Our exciting holiday camp not only expose children to global issues, science, magic, electronics, culinary, it provides exciting hands-on experience where children are empowered to fully tap on their creativity in inventing their master piece. Driven by our mission to enrich children’s everyday learning experience, we hope children will take away home a memorable learning experience after the holiday camp.

Uphold with the enthusiasm for education and our belief that learning is a joyful experience, CLEVER promises will continue to design more unique and meaningful holiday camps in the years to come.

CLEVER 自2006年起,每年尽心策划独一无二的儿童假日营【童年梦工厂】。假日营除了让孩子们穿梭科技、魔术、电子、厨艺等课题外,更让孩子们亲手制作一系列具启发及独特性的作品。富裕孩子们的学习旅程,让孩子留下难忘的童年。秉持着热诚教育与创意教学理念,CLEVER将继续致力为孩子们构思更多与众不同,全城独家的假日活动。


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