在KSSR Semakan 制度下,CLEVER的语文科科系着重于孩子们学会到读、听、写、说和思考。数理科方面,引导孩子们会学习解决问题的能力和科学实验研究探索活动。互动有趣的上课模式激发孩子们的学习欲。



Aligning to KSSR Semakan curriculum, CLEVER language programmes put a greater emphasis on children’s reading, listening, writing, speaking and reasoning skills.   In our Mathematics and Science programme, we focus on developing children’s reasoning ability to problem solve and with many science experiments and exploration activities to encourage inquisition and to deepen their engagement in learning.  This fun interactive learning approach is proven to be effective in stimulating children’s innate learning desire.


Homework Coaching

CLEVER is popularly known by its structured homework coaching system and goal advancement system that support children to better manage their homework in a productive way in which teachers will stand in to guide for children’s understanding, check the completeness of homework and help them with school work revision.


CLEVER 的资深编写团队设计了一套有系统的家课流程管理及目标晋升榜,从而协助孩子们有效地完成校内功课及检查功课,复习听写及校内课业等。




After School Daycare

CLEVER after school programme is a quality programme aimed to provide parents with peace of mind and offer children a nurturing place as a home where they can build connections with peers, build habits of self-discipline and get excited about learning. Our after-school programme provides not just a safe and clean environment but a stimulating place for learning, a place that children long to be at after school.  We are often called as the second learning base after school. Our school care programme starts with nutritious lunch, followed by self-care, homework coaching and a variety of enriching activities to cultivate independence, self-discipline, collaboration and communication in children.


Year End Special Programme

For New Intake of Standard 1 Students

This is a specially designed programme for children who entering Primary 1 in the new school year. The programme provides tuition coaching for 5 core subjects, including Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, English, Mathematics & Science. The lessons are conducted in fun & interactive approaches with the blend of games to help children grasp grammar, vocabulary, and answering techniques quickly to prepare them well as they enter into the primary school year.

新学年 1 年级学生


For New Term of Standard 2 – 6 Students

The immutable learning model may limit children’s interest in learning. Taking advantage of the school holiday, jumping out of the confined learning frames and experience a different learning method. The course will stimulate children’s motivation and interest in learning through interesting poems, stories, magic, experiments and various activities. Allowed children in standard 2 – 6 of the new school year to find fun in academic studies and discover new knowledge and learn from fun.

新学年 2-6 年级学生


For New Term of Form 1 Students

Pre-secondary programme dedicated for the new term of Form 1 students focused on helping them to master and become familiar with the fundamentals and basic knowledge of core subjects in preparing for their admission into Form 1. This has been a proven programme that has helped many students in building the essential foundation for their first year of secondary education.

新学年 Form 1 学生



Holiday Camp 假日生活营

Since its inception in 2006, it has become an annual ritual in CLEVER to organise creative holiday camp every year. The camp themes change every year. Our exciting holiday camp not only expose children to global issues, science, magic, electronics, culinary, it provides exciting hands-on experience where children are empowered to fully tap on their creativity in inventing their master piece. Driven by our mission to enrich children’s everyday learning experience, we hope children will take away home a memorable learning experience after the holiday camp.

Uphold with the enthusiasm in education and our belief that learning is a joyful experience, CLEVER promises will continue to design more unique and meaningful holiday camps in the years to come.

CLEVER 自2006年起,每年尽心策划独一无二的儿童假日营【童年梦工厂】。假日营除了让孩子们穿梭科技,魔术,电子,厨艺等课题外,更让孩子们亲手制作一系列具启发及独特性的作品。富裕孩子们的学习旅程,让孩子留下难忘的童年。秉持着热诚教育与创意教学理念,CLEVER将继续致力为孩子们构思更多与众不同,全城独家的假日活动。