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Welcome to CLEVER

Established in 2006, Clever Education provides the second learning base for children aged 7-12 to enrich their education journey outside of their formal education.

CLEVER Education has integrated 5 prominent educationists’ philosophy and theory to create a holistic education programme that is aligned with the 21st century learning approach. It emphasises on the development of children’s creative thinking, critical thinking, leadership and communication skills. 

Designed based on the global education trend and the national primary education blueprint, Cleverlogy Project Based Learning curriculum promotes initiative and intrinsic learning through the process of research and investigation. Children also learn to express their ideas through presenting their findings from their research. 

With the integration of technology in Clever Education through our online learning portal and learning tablet , we are able to provide more resources for our children to enhance their overall learning experience. 

In CLEVER, we strive to cultivate enthusiastic, creative learners and critical thinkers from a holistic approach that does not only focus on academic intelligence, but also their emotional intelligence and physical well-being. 

The Clever Way Guiding Everything We Do

To foster humanistic, metacognition, creative thinking skills


Persistent professional development for teachers & students


Methodical system in educational operation


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【CLEVER 2023 母亲节 永恒的爱之转 上线工作坊】

【CLEVER 2023 母亲节 永恒的爱之转 上线工作坊】 小朋友们,母亲节即将到来,你准备好了吗?我们为全马7-12岁的小朋友们准备了一个线上工作坊【永恒的爱之转】,让你在来临的母亲节送上一份温馨的礼物。⁣⁣⁣⁣这个工作坊将会教授你如何制作创意小卡片,让你的妈妈感受到你的爱与关怀。时间是在5月12日星期五晚上8点半,记得准备好以下的材料:⁣⁣– A4 颜色纸 (3张不同颜色)⁣⁣– 剪刀⁣⁣–...

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2023年《4月假日安亲》【球场欢乐行】培训 开斋节假期即将来临,您是否在为孩子们如何度过一个充实而有趣的假期而发愁?别担心,#CLEVER恺乐教育 为您准备了一个特别的假期计划——《球场欢乐行》! 此假日安亲将在4月21日、以及4月25日至28日(星期五、星期二至星期五)进行,让孩子们度过一个充满乐趣和成长的假期。 在4月21日,我们将为孩子们准备更多关于开斋节🕌的资讯和故事来源,让他们更好地了解马来习俗与文化。 另外,《球场欢乐行》 假日安亲将在之后的4月25日至28日进行~ 《球场欢乐行》将会让孩子们学习各种球类 #知识 和...

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