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That Children Long to Be After School 孩子向往的学习第二基地
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FOR 7-12 YEARS 7-12 岁的安亲补习专家
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Welcome to Clever

CLEVER is a Daycare and Tuition Expert for 7-12 years old aims to provide working parents with a total peace of mind and give children the best after school programme that turns the aimless hours after school into productive learning time while having fun. Driven by our promise to make learning a joyful, rich and extraordinary experience, we nurture children’s true love for learning and with our specially designed programme for daily routine and fun learning, we help to develop their self-discipline habits, and empower them to become critical thinkers, creative thinkers and problem solvers.

Three pupils of primary school go hand in hand. Boy and girl with school bags behind the back. Beginning of school lessons. Warm day of fall. Back to school. Little first graders.

CLEVER 恺乐教育提供 7至12岁小学生的补习课程及校后安亲课程。CLEVER恺乐教育致力于解决城市双职工家庭在特定时段不能陪伴孩子的难题,并兼顾趣味化的知识学习以充实孩子们课后的学习时光。我们深信 “学习是件快乐的事”,通过互动趣味的学习模式,让孩子在玩中学习,学习中游戏,我们真正的做到乐学,彻底激发孩子热爱学习的兴趣、学习自律能力、逻辑推测能力及创意思维。

The Clever Way Guiding Everything We Do

Our Philosophy

Education Is the Work Of HEART


We Build A Strong Culture of Encouragement


Learning Is A Joyful Experience





Latest News

2021童年梦工厂假日营 【破案小玩家】

「 破案小玩家」活动详情 🔎
📅活动日期: 13/12/2021 – 31/12/2021
截止: 01/12/2021 11:59pm
⭐️ 15堂主题课程
⭐️ 12堂活动项目
⭐️ 附送课程活动盒
⭐️ 附送亲子活动盒
⭐️ 附送儿童独家口罩
⭐️ 附送倒数夜结业礼

October 2, 2021
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CLEVER x CODE MONKEY Coding Bootcamp

您家的孩子们赶上 AI 时代步伐了吗?
【让孩子轻松爱上编程CODING,启蒙孩子的 IT 思维】
CLEVER x CodeMonkey 联合举办【线上编程训练营】!


August 18, 2021
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国庆绘图活动 2021

每逢8月既是爱国之季。8月31日 马来西亚国庆日,孩子们可以做些什么把爱国之心表达出来呢?
趁着国庆日来临之际 CLEVER 准备了【绘图小活动】让孩子们发挥创意,为画纸添加及设计对国家牺牲者表达崇高的敬意和感谢。

August 16, 2021
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